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Infant and Toddler Sign Language: The Basics

Are you starting to get bored in the house while social distancing? Do you have children that are getting antsy too? This is a perfect time to teach your children a new skill that will make life easier for both of you! Basic sign language allows you to teach your children communication to replace crying or whining when they want something but you don’t know what it is! Basic sign language can be used by babies as young as six months old. It’s a win for everyone! This can allow your child to learn how to tell you when he/she is:

  • Hungry/ thirsty
  • all done
  • wants more
  • wants to play
  • needs a hug and some attention

Basic sign language empowers your child to be more understood, allowing you to create a special bond with your child. This also gives you more milestones to be a part of, such as witnessing your child signing mommy or daddy for the first time! You will never forget that special moment when your child signs and his/her face lights up because he/she knows that you finally understand. Studies have shown that basic sign language also boosts brain development. Some of the developmental benefits include:

  • Speaking earlier
  • Having a larger vocabulary
  • An IQ advantage over peers
  • Achieving better grades in school compared to peers

Do you want to limit tantrums, have more fun, and be able to communicate with your young child? Start signing today! Below is a photo with 10 beginner signs to start practicing today!